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This is my blog, and in fact, my main page in English. For the moment, I mostly use it about my writing. 

I write a lot in French, mostly about psychology, a bit less in Danish, mostly about hacking and I have started in English. I write psychological thrillers. The David Alix Thriller Series. Two books have been published already ("Seven Stitches' and 'Smile of Death') and I am working on my third (1,000 Cuts). I publish each chapter on my blog right after it is written. Go and check it out.


To be honest, I never found out exactly what I wanted to use this domaine for. I would like it to be related to psychology because it is my main interest (and profession!).

So right now, it is just main psychology, but it might change before long so it is a bit of a surprise when you get there. Not sure what it will be.


Since 2010, me and my wife have been playing WoW. With some pauses, though and we tried several other MMORPGs: Rift, Age of Conan, NeverWinter, Star Wars The Old Republic and then severa Wrath Of The Lich King WoW private servers.

Right now, we are playing Tera, and we love it. 

Whatever MMO we're playing, we keep a blog about it, give tips, write about funny experiences and stuff like that. This blog is about the MMO we are playing.


When we were playing WoW, we had a blog with tips and tricks about WoW. From goldmaking to PvP to how to get mounts, pets and stuff like that. Each friday, we sent a mail with four tips which came on the blog. We have been doing it for years.

Now we are not playing anymore, but you can still find the tips if you need them. Remember to check the patch of the tips. What was working for patch 3.3.5 doesn't necessarily work for patch 5.4.8...


A hobby of mine is photography and photoshopping. So I made this sites with advices, articles, videos and reviews...

I started the site but then, I didn't have time, so it has been standing still for a while, but this won't last. I will start to work on it from around the 15th of May, so hang on, there will soon be a lot more there.